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#1 Substitute Jerk Seasoning (Review)

Oh, jerk seasoning – we love you, but you can sometimes be a bit, well, fiery! But don’t worry, there’s a whole world of alternative spice blends to give your dishes that delicious jerk-style flavour without leaving you in scorching hot flames.

These alternatives are great for people who find jerk seasoning too much for their taste buds and those who want to mix things up a bit at the dinner table. Here’s our pick of the best substitute for jerk seasoning.

Cumin and Coriander

Cumin and coriander are one of the most popular alternatives to jerk seasoning and can be used in various dishes. This spice blend packs a punch, combining two highly aromatic flavours, as well as a good helping of heat. Cumin and coriander have been used in a variety of different cuisines, adding a bright and spicy boost to dishes, and creating the perfect substitute for jerk seasoning.

Jamaican Curry

Jamaican Curry is a thick, aromatic, and mildly spicy blend of spices, tomatoes and herbs like allspice, thyme and cinnamon. It’s the perfect level of heat to replace jerk seasoning in dishes, while still adding a deep and complex flavour. Jamaican curry can be used as a marinade, rub, or even as a condiment, with a few chopped veggies for a traditional Caribbean accompaniment.


Allspice is a versatile and potent spice, which is essential in Jamaican cooking. It’s a perfect substitute for jerk seasoning – it brings warmth and depth to any dish, without the heat of jerk seasoning. Allspice has a rich, almost fruity flavour and it really livens up any dish. Plus, it pairs perfectly with other traditional Caribbean spices and flavours such as nutmeg, cinnamon, oregano and thyme.


Pimento is an essential ingredient in jerk seasoning and a great alternative too. The sweet and spicy flavour gives a wonderful authenticity to dishes and its subtle heat adds a little bit of oomph. Pimento can be used in the same way as allspice, as a marinade, rub, or condiment, adding a little bit of Caribbean flair to your dishes.

Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and garlic are a classic combination and they’re also great alternatives to jerk seasoning. This duo gives an earthy and complex flavour with a pleasant mild heat. Ginger and garlic can be used as a marinade or a rub, imparting an amazing aroma and flavour to your dishes, without the sharpness of jerk seasoning.

So there you have it – five great alternatives to jerk seasoning that will bring some fantastic Caribbean flavours to your dishes. Whether you’re looking for a milder heat, or a more intense flavour, these spices and their combinations are sure to add a real depth to your cooking.

Happy exploring!

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