February 4, 2019

How I Balance Life and Teaching

How To Balance Life and Teaching / Simply Emily E Blog

Hey Y’all! When I set out to create my Student Teaching Facebook group, one of the most asked questions from the community was “how do you balance life and teaching?” I thought this was SUCH a good question because teachers do a LOT of things. I still don’t have it perfect, but I pulled together my 5 best tips on balancing real life and teacher life. Here it goes!

1. Make space for the things that matter at the beginning of the week.

I try to carve out time at the very beginning of the week (usually on Sunday or Monday) to plan out the things that I have to look forward to. These aren’t meetings at school or penciling in time to grade.

I write down those life giving things that make me excited for the week ahead. I ask myself things like:

THEN, I’ll schedule the more mundane weekly routine things by asking myself:

All in all, taking time to pencil in the things that matter gets me excited for the week ahead, and a little less stressed for what’s to come! When I add these things into the calendar early I’m WAY less likely to cancel on myself or others, and I don’t feel bad for rushing out of the door when contract time at school ends.

2.  Set aside one or two days a week where you do allow yourself to stay late at work or arrive early.

This one was a game changer for me. I choose a couple of days a week to get to school early, drink my coffee, gather my thoughts, and get work done. Sometimes it’s lesson planning, but most of the time these days are for the little things like getting a weekly email ready or grading last week’s papers. Because I commit myself to those two days a week, I’m way more likely to be efficient during that time because I carved out that time for a specific purpose.

3. Try your best to plan important things in advance

This one is different for everyone. For me, the spring is CRAZY town as a teacher. There are meetings almost every day for something. If I need to plan a doctor’s appointment or take a Friday off to go out of town for the weekend, those things have to be planned far in advance so no important calendar dates are missed.

If you’re in college to be a teacher, this might look like:

If you’re currently student teaching, this might look like:

The moral of the story, the less surprises in your calendar, the better!

4. Do things that make you feel good!

This one is SO important to balancing life and ANY career, especially teaching. Do you want to get those workouts in this week? Put them on the calendar. Are you trying to drink more water? Add it to the to do list! This tip ties so well in with the first tip of making space for things that matter. The things that matter to you will shift and change over time, but give yourself space to dream, laugh, and take care of yourself! You will 100% be a better employee and human for it later!

5. Say no for bigger a bigger YES

No is a sentence. Did you know that? No. What a POWERFUL word that can be so incredibly hard to say. If you’re anything like me, you can find yourself saying yes to anything that comes your way for the sake of not letting anyone down. That’s great and all, until you’re so overwhelmed with pleasing others that you aren’t pleased yourself.

In recent years, I have learned first hand how impactful it is to say no in various areas of my life. I’ve even said no to good things like a night out with friends when I needed to rest or a weekend away when I didn’t have the funds. These no’s have made a way for me to say yes to those things later, and an even better, guilt free yes at that!


Balancing life and any job can be hard. Balancing life and teaching can be even harder, because the lines can be blurred so easily between work and home. I hope you find these tips comforting, challenging, and helpful all at the same time.

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