August 18, 2019

Life Update! 5 Summer Highlights!

Simply Emily E Wedding

Hi friends! What a few months it has been! I can’t wait to catch you up on 5 summer highlights from the past few months. The blog hasn’t been super active because I’ve been juggling some new roles that I’ll be getting into in this post. I can’t wait to catch ya up on everything I’ve been up to so grab a cup of coffee and get cozy!


Simply Emily E Wedding

This was the highlight of the summer for sure! Teddy and I tied the knot in front of our families and very best friends on May 31st and it was the best day ever. The day was so special to us because every detail came together with the help of people we knew. Teddy’s grandma was our florist, a sweet teacher friend took our pictures, our videographers were friends from college, our favorite Friday night hangout Mexican restaurant catered. The list could go on and on!

Simply Emily E Wedding Simply Emily E Wedding

We thought it might rain and it DID 10 minutes before our first look! Right before I walked down the aisle, it was like the skies opened up and God was showing off for us. I remember looking up at my Dad and smiling SO big. Being a wife to my best friend in the whole world is a blast. Since my freshman year of college all I ever wanted was to figure out life, together. Now we get to do just that! If you haven’t read my engagement story, you can read it here!

2. We honeymooned in Maui!

Simply Emily E Maui

Teddy and I have never traveled too far from home, so we went big and honeymooned in Maui Hawaii! It was the absolute best eight days and we’d go back in a heartbeat! The locals are incredibly nice which was one of our favorite parts. We even considered purchasing a rental property there instead of our first home because we loved the island so much! We planned and paid for the entire trip ourselves, and it was actually really affordable compared to the “average” trip to Hawaii. I’m going to write an entire post giving you all of our best tips and tricks if Maui is on your bucket list, too!

Simply Emily E Maui Simply Emily E Maui

3. I went to Get Your Teach On!

Get Your Teach On is a student engagement conference that educates teachers on the top strategies to get students excited for learning while maintaining a rigorous learning environment. I have followed people from the GYTO team on Instagram for YEARS, and I had always wanted to attend the conference myself. I wrote a grant back in the spring and crossed my fingers that I’d get to experience the magic everyone talks about this summer. My grant got funded, and I got to spend 4 days with some of the best people in the world! I left with my teacher cup OVERFLOWING with love and inspiration.

Simply Emily E GYTO

4. I got all moved into my new place!

Simply Emily E Home

I lived with my parents my whole first year of teaching and it was a blast but I was ready to have my own place again! Teddy moved into our apartment back in February, and I joined him after the wedding. With all of our traveling this summer, it took a little longer than expected but I love our cozy home! It is so fun to slowly piece together this space and figure out our style together! Some of my favorite books for home inspiration are Cozy Minimalist Home, and Home Body. I also love following home bloggers on instagram like @CottonStem and @LaurMcBrideBlog

5. Setting up my new classroom!

Simply Emily E Classroom

Y’all. I feel like I’ve made it!!! I moved from a portable outside to a REAL INSIDE CLASSROOM! This is a huge deal for me because my allergies were terrible in my portable last year. I’ll never forget my sweet portable though and the memories made my first year of teaching. A lot has changed over the summer for me school wise. I’m teaching a new grade level, have a new team, and a new last name! I just started school last week, so I’m figuring it all out one day at a time.My reaction time with my new name is slowly getting better, but I’m sure students are wondering “Does she even know her name?!” sometimes haha! I hung this quote in my classroom this year after seeing in on instagram from @fcsandcreativeness and you all went NUTS over it!

Here’s how I did it for FREE!

  1. Pick out Cardstock that you love (mine is the sugar candy pack from Michaels. I bought two packs.)
  2. Open PowerPoint and resize your paper to 8.5×11.
  3. Choose a font. The font I used was “KG One More” (It’s free for personal use on Teachers Pay Teachers).
  4. Type one letter of your quote. I used font size 800.
  5. Highlight your letter and under the “Shape Format” tab choose “No Fill” for Text Fill. This will give you the outline of the letter to cut out.
  6. Duplicate the slide and change the letters to spell your quote!
  7. Print your quote. I recommend HP Instant Ink if you have an HP printer. You can get a FREE month by clicking here or using the code NG47W.
  8. Cut it out! No seriously. Pop on your favorite mindless trash TV and cut your heart out. I got these scissors for this project and it helped with pain that I usually get from scissors TREMENDOUSLY! Seriously, if you need new scissors these are IT! While you’re at it, bribe your significant other or roommate to help you cut by buying them their favorite meal or baking them a sweet treat.

That’s all for now! This was so fun! I’m excited to get back in this bloggin’ thing! I’m so grateful for you and I can’t wait for the things coming up that I have planned for this place. Soon we’ll be talking how to capsule wardrobe, my favorite skincare products, life advice, teaching tips, and more. What do you want to see on the blog?!

If you want to see more day to day life, be sure to follow me on Instagram @SimplyEmilyE !



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