November 9, 2019

Sweet Nash | First Week With Our New Puppy

Last Friday at 9am, our lives were forever changed. We got our sweet puppy, Nash! We’ve made it one full week with him, and you guys are just as obsessed with him as we are. He has a pretty cool story, and I can’t wait to share it all with you today. You’ll also get a picture overload, because I KNOW you’ve been waiting!

Here’s the story:

Something I haven’t shared too much with you all is that Teddy started grad school to earn his CPA in accounting in August. It’s been really hard on me personally, because I’m alone SO much. We both know the sacrifice will be worth it in the end, but I’ve definitely been down the last few months since it felt like our little apartment was just me most nights a week. I ultimately started looking into getting a dog to help me from feeling so lonely on weeknights. The transition to married life has been so sweet, but it is hard to go from living with roommates or family to starting your own life with another human (especially when you’re both so busy!)

I grew up with a labradoodle named Sunni and she’s just the BEST! She was my first dog, and she’s still the most playful, sweet gal even in her older age. I am allergic to dogs (and just about everything), so I knew we had to get a hypoallergenic breed if we moved forward with this process. I also selfishly wanted some kind of “doodle” of my own. So, I began researching doodle rescues in Texas, and found a couple of really awesome places that do incredible things for dogs.

I found a dog that was in foster care named “Nash”, and fell in LOVE with him. After reaching out to the rescue, they said the dog would need a lot more time before he would be available to adopt. I learned it’s really competitive to adopt a doodle through this process. It’s a great thing that dogs get to be rehoused to loving families! Because of this, it can take months or years to get a doodle because of this. It is almost like adopting a child!

How we found our pup

My mom encouraged me to text the lady we got our Labradoodle from 11 years ago when we were looking into getting a dog. I thought “there is NO way she still breeds Labradoodles. I was literally in the 7th grade long when we got Sunni!” Nevertheless, I texted her and told her what a great dog Sunni turned out to be. Then, I asked if she had any puppies. I kid you not, my jaw DROPPED when she told me “Yes!” she texted me a picture of what would become our dog and I was sold. Teddy and I talked it over and decided we were doing this! She asked what I would name him, and my heart couldn’t get away from the name “Nash”. After all, it was the name of the puppy that melted my heart into getting a dog in the first place.

We are tickled that my family’s old sweet Sunni gal gets to love on our puppy. It means so much that Sunni’s sweet legacy gets to live on through Nash.

We survived our first week as parents!

Nash is so spunky, smart, snuggly, and speedy! His curiosity and confidence grows by the minute. He’s pretty much fearless, and loves finding a stray sock to play with. You should see him take off running when he gets into an open field! The first two days we thought we had this puppy thing down, but in reality we have a lot to learn and are embracing the exhaustion.

The weekend we brought Nash home he was so chill. He didn’t have any accidents, didn’t bark, and slept a LOT. We pretty much hit the puppy jackpot! Nobody believed us when we said he didn’t even cry in his crate the first night. Then, daylight savings time happened on Saturday night. Then, the work week happened. We had to leave him longer than you should leave a 10 week old puppy because of our work schedules. We are getting up SUPER early so he can play hard before going in his crate. It’s definitely taken a lot of adjustment and a few accidents, but Nash is finally getting it.  He hardly ever cries or barks, and LOVES going over to my parents house to play with their pups.

Teddy said it best when he said “I knew I would like him, but I never knew I would love him this much so quickly.”

He has also gotten a few nicknames over the last week including Nashy, Nashers, Nashville, Nashua (my personal favorite since I’m such a huge fan of “The Office”).

I wish you all could get some Nash snuggles, but I hope these pictures will suffice :). The past week has been a foggy whirlwind, but we are so joyful and count it all a blessing that we get to share our life with this sweet Nash now!

With so much love,


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