December 2, 2018

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Teachers Under $30!

Teacher Gift Ideas Under 30 Dollars Simply Emily E Blog

It’s no secret that Teachers deserve all the love in the world! However, gift giving can add up quickly, especially if  you are buying for multiple teachers in you or your child’s life. This gift guide includes items that any teacher would be thrilled to receive, no matter what time of year it is (All for under $30)!

As a teacher myself, I use and love every single one of these products. Some are from small businesses that I can’t get enough of, and others you could scoop up from amazon or the store today!

Let’s get started! I’ll break it down into categories for ya!

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Pen and Notebook Gift Ideas

  1. Pens! – You can’t go wrong with gifting pens to a teacher. They disappear like warm chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven in our classrooms haha! I personally love these pens because they are ERASABLE! It’s incredible knowing I can mark in my planner, or on a student’s paper and fix any mistake I make. If you’re looking for a non-erasable option, I have also been really into these as well! The colors are so vibrant and the write incredibly smooth! You can snag all of these pens at almost any store, or on Amazon Prime!
My Favorite Erasable Pens!

Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars Simply Emily E Blog

My Favorite Gel Pens!

Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars Simply Emily E Blog

2. Customized Notebooks and Planners– Every good pen deserves a good notebook. May Designs is my absolute favorite company to buy notebooks and teacher planners from. There are hundreds of patterns and sizes to customize just for that special Teacher in your life! I have gifted May Designs and it is a total hit. My lesson planner is also from them, and keeps me on track for the whole year. May Designs offers a monthly subscription box, called the May Box. Each box comes with a 2 May Books (pictured below), and if you save them up they make the perfect gift! I really can’t say enough good things about this Austin, TX based business.

Shop May Designs!

Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars Simply Emily E Blog

Accessory Gift Ideas

3. Pineapple Pen Cup- This pen cup is from my favorite planner company, Simplified. I am a ride or die Simplified Planner user, and they have so many cute accessories too! This gold pineapple pen cup is super affordable, and is sure to be a statement piece on any teacher’s desk. I highly recommend any of Simplified products for any teacher. They always make such special gifts

Shop the Pineapple Pen Cup and Simplified Products! 

4. Yeti 20oz Rambler Cup– For a long time, I was a believer that any ole metal cup would do. Then, I got a Yeti and my life changed. Okay, that’s a little dramatic but I have a ZILLION travel coffee cups and my Yeti 20oz Rambler is the BEST of them all. You can see my affection for it in this picture from my instagram. This is an incredible gift for the coffee loving teacher who is constantly running to the teacher’s lounge to refill. I personally love the 20oz size because it is narrow enough to fit in a cup holder on the way to school, and it keeps drinks hot or cold for the entire school day. I use it for iced coffee in the spring and fall, and hot coffee in winter! All hail Yeti, seriously!

Shop Yeti Here! 

Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars Simply Emily E Blog

Apparel and Home Gift Ideas

5.  Candles- Sure, teachers can’t light a candle in their classroom but the gift of one to take home means so much. Some of my favorite gifts to receive from teacher friends or students are those that I don’t have to use in my classroom, but that I can enjoy in other areas of my life. I love this particular candle because it is U.S. based, only 10 dollars, and has gorgeous packaging.

Shop Candles here!

6. Cute Teacher Tees– Teacher T-Shirts can go on the list of “Emily’s favorite things” for sure. Gifting apparel can be tricky sometimes, but if you can guess or check the recipients size, it makes such a thoughtful gift. Nothing is better than receiving a shirt and someone saying “I saw this design and thought of you!” I am going to link my favorite places to get Teacher Tees below. I personally prefer shopping small businesses for or by teachers for Teacher Tees, but Amazon is an easy go to for quick shipment!

Ravelled Knits Etsy Shop Fast shipment and the CUTEST designs. She has so many from seasonal to personalized. I just matched my teacher bestie wearing this one at a conference!

Shop this tee here! 

Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars Simply Emily E Blog

Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars Simply Emily E Blog

Cutsey Tees– The Cutsey Class makes the sweetest tees! She’s a teacher too, and knocks everything she does out of the park! The one that says “Make Yourself Proud” is next on my list!

Shop Cutsey Tees Here! 

Teacher Gift Ideas Under 30 Dollars Simply Emily E Blog

Teach Create Motivate Tees– Ashley from TCM is a total girl boss. Her tees are incredible (I have like 5), and the designs are so unique for teacher gifts! She releases her tees one week at a time, so check her instagram for the most up to date information on when to order. The tees are customizable by shirt AND text color. I made the one I’m wearing in the picture below to match my school colors. She does have products like Pencil Pouches, Mugs, and Totes up in her shop all the time, and those are super cute too!

Shop Teach Create Motivate here!
Teacher Gifts Under 30 Dollars

That’s a wrap on this Teacher gift guide under $30! What are your tried and true affordable teacher gifts? If you liked this, follow me on instagram where I share items that are totally gift worthy all the time!

Did you like this gift guide? Let me know who else you are shopping for and I’ll make a couple more! You can find them on my Style Page.




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